Home News Well-meaning Nigerians can confirm that power supply has improved – Fashola

Well-meaning Nigerians can confirm that power supply has improved – Fashola


Minister of Power Works and Housing Babatunde Fashola said that well-meaning Nigerians can attest to the fact that power supply has improved compared to what it was before the Buhari-led administration came into power in 2015.

Fashola made this statement at a media parley in his Abuja office on Monday April 29th.

The Minister said he was very convinced that he has fulfilled his promise of incremental power, better journey experience on the roads, affordable housing, as well as economic opportunities for Nigerians.

In the power sector, well-meaning Nigerians acknowledge our efforts by saying clearly that their power supply experience has improved compared to 2015, and we acknowledge that the work has not finished. The task going forward is to solve the outstanding issues of estimated billing, supply of meters, add more power and make the supply steady which I stated will be our medium-term goal” he said

Speaking further, the Minister said in the area of road construction and housing, his office has done tremendously well.

Construction workers will tell you that they now have a better deal, likewise quarry operators. More importantly the road transport operators and their unions and commuters will tell you that their journey times are better. The housing sector has a similar story of economic opportunities with construction going on in 34 states most of which are now largely completed.

But our work is not finished.These are some of the reasons why President Muhammadu Buhari was re-elected. To take the people to the next level and finish the job.” He said the Buhari government has opened a new page in the power sector through his ministry about the possibilities that lie in the off- grid sources. In the works sector, the Ilorin-Jebba road which had collapsed and used to take 3-7 days to traverse 93km is now finished and take a little over one hour to travel.

Maintenance work on bridges, long neglected is being undertaken on assets like 3rd Mainland Bridge, Isaac Boro Bridge, Tamburawa Bridge, Eko Bridge, the old Niger Bridge, while new ones like 2nd Niger Bridge, Bodo-Bonny Bridge, Loko-Oweto Bridge, are being constructed and others have been recently awarded,” he said


  1. Fashola,i dont think you are been realistic in your performance evaluation,when companies and private business owners spent an average of #6000000(six million naira )per month only on the purchase of AGO (Diesel) in my area here in owerri, they are still embarking on load shading, then where is the improvement in the power,in Aso Rock they still buy Diesel to run their plant how much more an ordinary Nigerian, Mr. Fashola you have just made an effort but i want to tell you that Nigerians are not happy about the state of power in the country, extremely poor.If you have done well Nigerian will praise you and your so call change Government, but for now nothing to praise you for.

  2. This should just stop talking…if you have done well you will not even need to say it…your work would ordinarily speak for itself


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