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What do you think about this proposal, romantic or not?


Facebook users has slammed a man’s proposal, while some praised it saying it’s very creative

A man proposed to his girlfriend and placed his great grandmother’s ring on a sausage and served it to his girlfriend for breakfast, who was celebrating her birthday.

He surprised her with a plate of sausages and pancakes with the words “will you marry me?” written with syrup on the pancake.

The man had placed five sausages around another pancake to create a hand and he placed his great grandmother’s ring on the sausage “engagement finger”.

The excited fiancée shared the engagement news on Facebook and wrote: “Sooo. This happened! Did I say ‘yes’?! Of course I did. The best part? That’s his great grandmother’s ring. Happy birthday to me.”

Unfortunately, her post wasn’t well received by many people.

It was later shared in a wedding shaming Facebook group, and was quickly met with hundreds of comments.

People said the man was creative but slammed him for placing the ring on a greasy sausage. Others said they were “offended” on behalf of the bride-to-be.

One man commented: “Nothing says ‘Marry Me’ like insinuating your bride has sausage fingers.”

Another added “creative, yes! Creepy AF, YES. This picture gives off serial killer vibes.”

Another person wrote: “I assume he had the idea first to make her breakfast and propose. Simple, but cute. What made him think of replacing that with covering the ring in syrup and grease in a weird food hand was an improvement?'”

However, many people said they saw the hilarious side to the proposal, praising the man for his efforts while some admitted they would still say “yes”.

“While hilarious… This is really wholesome and sweet. I can’t be mad. we need more of that right now. I would however like to see how the wedding plays out,” one said.

Do you think the proposal was romantic or not? believe



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