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The wife of a Pastor who sent her nu.de video to a WhatsApp group, wants to commit suicide


The wife of Ghanaian pastor Osofo Maame who sent her nu.des to mistakenly members of her church through WhatsApp has reportedly tried to commit suicide out of embarrassment.

According to Mynewgh, Maame, who has become the main topic of public discussion, especially among church members of the husband’s church, was reported to have tried to drink a liquid poisonous substance, but her family members stopped her.

According to information gathered by mandynews.com, the woman in her mid-30s who is nursing a 6-month-old baby, intended to send the pictures to her Spouse who was on a trip outside the country only for it to be mistakenly sent to the church group on What’sapp.

Worse, the news source said the woman sent a message that reads “It’s all yours when you return.” Members of the church group who received the photos, videos and message were shocked and outraged.

In the two separate videos, 58 and 31 seconds respectively, she is seen facing the camera, kneeling, wiggling her waist and handling herself concurrently. That was after she was earlier captured in a bath showcasing her thighs.

At a point in life, some people find their naked photos and videos on the internet. This can be so traumatic and may lead to suicide if adequate counseling is not given.

According to Emma Sadlier, who is a social media law expert, when you are going to get yourself involved in se.xting, you should take precaution to avoid your contents getting on the internet.


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