Home Gist Will you call off your wedding for this reason?

Will you call off your wedding for this reason?



  1. Do not call off the wedding yet but try to know why that young man wants to marry you. Is it because of affluence or the love for you? To me, the young man was too fast in making such solitary decision of buying a house for the parent not even with his personal money. It should have been a mutual agreement between two of you.

  2. I do not really see this as a problem except a case where the man proves to be irresponsible and does not care for his wife.I know a couple whereby the wife , who is a banker, always submits her salary at the end of the month to the husband and they are living perfectly in harmony.I think it has to do with mutual understanding between the couples. I so much believe that before two people come together to marry they should sit down together and have a kind of understanding, a written agreement,call it marriage constitution or anything that will guide your decisions in so many areas of your marriage and how to resolve issues should form part of that agreement.This is what many couple fail to do and then tomorrow they start having issues that seem difficult to resolve


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