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Woman burns her Grandchild’s hand Because She ate Indomie Against her Wish


According to several reports, a woman has been detained in Benin city, Edo state following a case of her extreme violence against her grandchild, the woman inflicted excruciating pains on her granddaughter by putting her hands on a gas stove.

The little girl’s hands were placed on a gas stove by her grandmother until her hands got badly burnt because the hungry girl ate Indomie noodles against her grandmother’s wish. The little girl whom her name was not revealed suffered unimaginable burns as a result of the actions of her grandmother.

A well-meaning Nigerian who witnessed the incident scene reported the case to the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and the Ministry has stepped in, arrested the grandmother and have taken the child to UBTH for prompt medical care and attention.

See how several people reacted to the wicked act on social media,

“Grand Mothers that can pet and spoil children with love…Haba this one is Science student Grand Ma ooooooooo

Sad… I beg kill the woman.. I am very angry… Where are the little girls parents? Why? Why?

this lady is crazyy, burned till it barbecued, over indomie??? a hungry child, a very good spanking woulda surficed, woww

The kind of wickedness Coming from Edo state these days sha 💔

I just can’t imagine her pain while her palms are been roasted by a witch…😡😡😡😡

Oh, my God, some people’s heart are drenched in wickedness she shouldn’t be let out of that prison.such Inhuman act😭😭. I pray healing upon her hands.

This is what happens when the society thinks every woman should have children.

She looks like a witch, probably her donation to her members 🤔😐

Why are people so so stupid and wicked! This is so disturbing 😕😕

What is the mother to the child even doing? I just pray and hope those hands don’t amputated cause this burn is so severe 😢😭😭… can’t even imagine the pain… with that woman’s face like leftover soup😩

Image source: Naijanized


  1. please put the woman in the same pains with the poor little girl, call a panel-beater to use their gas to burn her hands and feet, also cut the tendons on her feet


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