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A Woman Delivers a baby with a Qur’an & Muslim prayer bead in his hand


A woman in Burga, Bauchi State, has been the major topic in her area after she delivered a baby with a Qur’an and Muslim prayer bead in his hand.

According to reports, when the woman came to the Islamic leader in Burga, Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi, she claimed that this boy who is named Muhammad Auwal was born with those items in his hand as she swore that she wasn’t lying.

According to reports, Sheik Dahiru Bauchi said: “This is nothing in the sight of Allah for the ungrateful disbelievers of the Prophet (SAW) to further show them that the Messenger of Allah is true.

“He further showed the world the miracle of the Prophet, which caused the child to be born, the Qur’an and the prayer bead.”


  1. The child was holding a ram and a knife also when he came out of his mother’s womb.

    A lazy generation who doesn’t think will always believe anything. So much of religion, dearth of spirituality.😓😓


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