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Woman Changes her Voice on her Mobile Phone in Order to Defraud her Best Friend N3.7m and a Car


A 26-year-old lady, Bose (Deborah) Bamidele from Ikole, Ekiti State, has been detained for changing the voice setting of her mobile phone and faking to be different persons to scam her best friend, Abimbola, of N3.7m, and another woman, by name Glory Etuk, of about N1m.

According to Punchng, Bamidele met Abimbola, who is 30-year-old in Lagos State in 2016. They became best friends after the suspect claimed that she had no family relatives and her spouse and children were dead.

The suspect later introduced a character, Dapo Awosika, whom she said just came back from the U.S and could make a husband for Abimbola. Bamidele (while acting as Awosika) duped Abimbola of N3.7m and a car.

She later brought in more characters, in the person of an elderly female evangelist, through whom she duped her second victim, Etuk, of about N1m.

The Zone 2 Police Command detectives, Onikan, Lagos, has later received a petition from Abimbola and detained Bamidele, expecting her to bring all her collaborators that were involved in her evil deeds, only to discover that she was the one that fully planned the whole act.

Abimbola disclosed that she could not believe that her best friend was behind her ordeal. The whole issue cast out when Abimbola found her best friend on Facebook posing with her car and read her posts celebrating her daughter’s birthday; whereas she had said all her children were dead.

The second victim, Etuk, who was still visibly shaken by the revelations, revealed that she met Bamidele in 2014 and the suspect claimed to be in dire need of accommodation, which she gave her and lent her N1m for her supposedly sick sister.

Bamidele, who was paraded at Zone 2, demonstrated how she deceived her victims by changing the voice settings on her phone.

“I am Mummy Elizabeth. Dapo (Awosika), Modinat, Mummy Elizabeth, Uncle Joe, Daddy. I played all the roles. I am sorry for everything. I am ready to face the consequences of my actions,” she said.


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