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Woman found dead inside a python after missing for some days


A 54-year-old Indonesian woman identified as Wa Tiba, who had been missing since Thursday was found dead inside a python on the island of Sulawesi.

Villagers and authorities in Southeast Sulawesi province found the python, as they were searching for the missing lady. News website detik.com reported that they only found her belongings and suspected that the snake might have swallowed her.

Some months ago, a missing Indonesian man was also found inside a massive python on the island of Sulawesi, according to local authorities and news reports. Villagers found the body of Akbar Salubiro, 25, after cutting open a 23-foot-long. While searching for the man villagers found the python and suspected that it might have eaten Salubiro.

Villagers found one of Salubiro’s boots, his harvesting tool and palm fruit at the site, In the video posted, people gathered around as the snake’s skin is pulled back, revealing an intact body laying on its side. Reticulated pythons typically eat small to medium-sized mammals and squeeze their
prey to death before swallowing it whole, according AP. Attacks on humans are extremely rare.


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