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Woman kills herself and her daughter to spite her husband who abandoned them


A woman in Lagos state killed her 15-year-old daughter, also attempted to kill her other children, before killing herself in order to spite her children’s father who abandoned them.

Hafusat Ibuloye, resides at Idumota, Lagos Island, with her kids. According to media report, she woke her daughter from sleep on Thursday, February 27, 2020 gave her a poisonous substance to drink.

She did same to her two younger children but they refused to consume the substance. Hafusat then drank hers and became unconscious.

According to the nations, neighbours found Hafusat and her teenage daughter unconscious and rushed them to the hospital but it was already late.

Hafusat had been angered that her husband had not reached out to her for years after he relocated to USA. 

He recently returned to Nigeria but did not contact Hafusat or their children. When Hafusat found out that he has been in Nigeria for 3 months, she was upset. However, no one suspected she would go this far.


  1. This article is so categorical about the intent of the woman’s actions making it certain that she’s at fault without any focus on her mental health.
    She had 3 children for her husband, he relocated but refused reaching out to her; he came back and refused reaching out still. This woman was very likely going through emotional torture that culminated to this. If she wanted to take vengeance, she wouldn’t have killed herself. Suicide is usually a pointer to depression and that’s what she would likely have gone through with the action of her husband.

    The article could have read “Woman kills self and child after husband abandons her with 3 children for several years”; that would move the major blame to the man rather than the focus being on the consequence of his action.


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