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A Woman with shut tubes, gives birth “naturally” after 7 years of barrenness and 3 failed IVFs


Doctors told a lady that she will never deliver a baby because she has “shut tubes”. But through her problem, God heard her prayers, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

The Lady’s brother went on Twitter to share the testimony and told of how the new mother tried 3 IVFs but they all failed. Eventually, she got pregnant naturally and gave birth last week.

He wrote:

“Married 7 years and trying to get pregnant. No luck. They said her tubes were shut. No remedy, only IVF could work. 3 failed IVF attempts. I remember the last one being aborted on December 25, 2016. Tubes still shut. No IVF. She gave birth last week. GOD SHOWED UP. Through it, all my sister remained so positive and thankful to God. I couldn’t get how. Almost like she was living in a different world. Now we all thanking God with her. God is great”


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