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Yetunde Bakare Says She deserves Awards for The Upbringing of Her Son as a Single Mother


Yetunde Bakare, who is a Nollywood actress went to Instagram to gloat about raising her son alone even when she was dumped, she further said she deserves some recognition.

According to Yetunde, she has sacrificed a lot in order to see her son grow and also get a good education, without hoeing around.  She further added that she is having more confidence in raising her kids as a single mother, than with a man.

Celebrating her son’s birthday, Yetunde Bakare wrote this;


Honestly I Deserve Numerous Accolades 🙌 I Single Handedly Raised You And I Can Boldly/Proudly Say I Don’t Owe Any Man A Dime Over You! Right From When You’re In The Womb Till Now 💯👌 It Has Always Been God And My Family 💗💖💝❤ Y’all Don’t Want To Know What I Sacrificed To See Him Grow/Educated And Happy 💕 And I Did Everything Without Hoeing Around! Yes I Mean Without Doing Pay As You Go Or Begging ….. He Left Us But God Didn’t Leave Us 🙌 Now I’m More Confidant That I Can Raise More Kids Without Any Man 💪💪👊 He Left Us But It’s His Loss 👅 Because Right Now I Cant Even Share You With No Baga! 😡😡 I Named You MOTILAYO And Indeed I Have Joy… My World Famous Genius 💝 In Massive Advance AREMU MI 💗 Few More Hours To Go….

Still Your Day ADEMI 💯♥❤💖 The Way You Make Me Blush Is Unexplainable 😘😁 I’m Just Doing Anyhow Because I’ve Got You 💃💃 At Least Now They Know It’s Not As If We Can’t Afford Certain Luxuries But We Have A Better Investment 💪👌 GBEFUN OMO OLOGO TO RI OGO LO 🤴 Omo Mumsy Larry 💋💕 My World Donor 👊 My World Best Genius 👌 My Full Option 🙌 Oh My Ovaries 💞 At Least I’m Tested Ok And I Know The Kind Of Seed That Came Out Of My Loins Is Absolutely PRICELESS And IRREPLACEABLE 💪👊👌❣💓💗💘 Love You Dakuest 😁 My Assets 💝💯 They Said They’ll See How Far I’ll Go Without Them And My God Proved Them Wrong 💃😂😅 Haaa Mo Ni Baba Kan Baba Ara To Mo Yi Omo 💃 Ko Fi Wa Sere 💃 Oun Gbo Adura 💃 Baba Ara To Mo Yi Omo 👊💪👌💃 I Speak Divine Blessings, Unmerited Favour And Unstoppable Mercy Into Your Life 🙏🏻 You And Your Unborn Siblings Will Make A Remarkable Impact In Life As God Liveth 🙏🏻💯💖💕 You’re A Prove That Whosoever Put His/Her Trust In God Will Never Be Put To Shame 🙌 Your Grandpa Said ‘I’m A Man In A Woman’s Flesh’ 😁💪


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