Home Editorial A young lady burnt to death by fire in Delta State

A young lady burnt to death by fire in Delta State


TRAGEDY struck in Agoloma community in Patani Local Government Area of Delta State penultimate Thursday when a midnight fire burnt a young lady identified simply as Bridget Sampou Oyindoubra to death.

The incident, according to Newtelegraph happened shortly after Bridget returned from an end of the year prayer meeting in her church.

It was gathered that Bridget, who was a chorister in the  church attended the pre-Passover prayer meeting with her friends and returned home late in the night

It was also learned that on her return, Bridget immediately went to bed and locked the door to her apartment.

The fire, according to a source, may have been triggered by fuel the deceased stored in her apartment.

It could however not be ascertained at press time whether the fire was caused by candlelight or electric spark.

It was also learnt that neighbours battled in vain to stop the ravenous fire.

”The neighbours poured sand and water into the fire to stop it from engulfing the apartment, but their intervention could not stop the inferno,” said a source.

Bridget was said to have attempted to crawl out of her room to no avail.

The charred body of the deceased youth was recovered from the room after the fire subsided.

Friends of the deceased took to the social media to mourn her tragic death.

One of them, Agoinzov Nkemluv, who mourned the deceased on his Facebook page said: ” RIP Bridget, we miss you. Just burnt to death in her house an hour ago.”

Source: The Newstelegraph


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