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“Your boobs are saggy, you are too fat” — Fans tell Uriel, she responds


Marvis celebrated her birthday recently, and Uriel was in attendance. Uriel was given unkind words from fans.

The former big brother Naija star flaunts her cleavage, where she was wearing a black top that reveals her cleavage on a faded blue denim.

Uriel who has a crush on the present world heavyweight boxing Champ. The picture was shared by Anthony Joshua.

“Your boobs are saggy”, “you are too big”, “This one na fallen empire o”, “Olympus has fallen” “This one bre.ast dun become flat tire o”, These were the harsh words they said to her.

Then, another Uriel’s picture at the party showed up, and then this gave trolls the go ahead with their criticism.

She, however, replied her trolls who her body shamed her for revealing her saggy boobs at the birthday party, that was held on Saturday.

According to her, ‘you can never Body shame me, I’m a Natural woman. We are mothers, sisters we should never be made to feel like crap. We are Queens.’



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