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“Your Earnings Doesn’t Matter”- A pretty girl searches for a Man She’ll Propose to


These days it seems as good guys are very scarce to see. A lady has accepted her defeat because she has been frustrated in getting a good man. She has now swallowed her pride and starts the chase for the man of her dream.

A young lady identified @nexxtgenns online took to the platform to announce to the world that she is currently searching for a man that will engage her, as she has grown tired and frustrated of waiting for a man to propose or marry her.

The beautiful lady who did this after several years of frustration has finally made up her mind to swallow her pride to look for a man that she will propose to.

According to her, the man’s monthly income doesn’t even matter, and as long as he is cute, she is coming after him.

She wrote:

“Since no man has deemed me fit to have a ring on my hand, I have decided to go on a search for one to put a ring on his hand.

“If you know you are ready to marry me drop your picture here with the address. I’ll pick one and wherever you are I come see you. Your earnings don’t matter.”



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