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Yvonne Omoarebokhae’s Husband allegies pastor hypnotised wife before ‘sleeping in the same room with her

Pastor Okpe
Odion Omoarebokhae, husband of Yvonne Omoarebokhae, the woman who died last week in a hotel room she lodged with Pastor Psalm Okpe, of Fresh Oil Ministry, is alleging that some powerful Christian clergymen are shielding the pastor whom he called ‘his wife’s killer’. He’s also insisting that the pastor hypnotized the wife after giving her an overdose of a certain substance.
Omoarebokhae said the police told him that the result of an autopsy carried out on his late wife would be out in 30 days. But recent reports revealed that an autopsy had already been conducted and the cause of death was ruled as cardiac arrest. Speaking to journalists on Monday in Benin, the husband pointed out that the CCTV footage obtained from the hotel showed that Apostle Psalm Okpe and his late wife, Yvonne, slept in the same room.
He said: “the pastor has written three different statements at the police station. He said my wife and himself went different ways after the programme in Sapele. The CCTV footage at the hotel, however, showed that when they came back from the programme, my wife was just following him like a dog, someone without sense.
“The next morning, Apostle Psalm came out of the room, stood by the door like somebody thinking of what to do before going out with a taxi. By the time he came back, he went to the reception to demand for his key hoping that my wife would have left to go and die in my house. “They told him that the key was not with them and that his key was with him.
They called the porter who brought a spare key and forced the door open. Immediately the porter opened the door, he left and the pastor entered. He spent another one hour and 18 minutes with a lifeless body inside the room. “I have seen my wife’s body. They is no physical mark on her. From what I observed, she was given an overdose of substances that her system could not take. The police told me they met my wife fully dressed like somebody about to go out.
“The doctor told me that they have sent the specimen to Lagos for the result and I am now reading about reports claiming that she died of cardiac arrest.”  An insider hinted that the quick autopsy which was carried out on the deceased showed that she had a cardiac arrest in the middle of the night, which eventually led to her death.
According to him, “The autopsy result shows the late Mrs. Omoarebokhae died as a result of cardiac arrest. She was neither poisoned nor stabbed as widely reported because there was no stain of blood on her body.”
Pastor Okpe has since been released from detention.


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