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Zonal Police PRO Dolapo Badmus To Kiss Daniel – ‘Check your DM, the Police Wants You’


It seems like Nigerian music star, Kiss Daniel, is having another incident which involves the Nigerian Police as Zonal Police PRO Dolapo Badmus, drops a notice on his photo on Instagram.

Her comment on Kiss Daniel’s photo on Instagram read “Check your DM, the police want you”. Though why Kiss Daniel is wanted at the Police Station wasn’t disclosed, however, has left many of us guessing it might still be related to his pending court case with his Ex-label, G Worldwide.

Kiss Daniel was taken to court by his Ex-record label, G-Worldwide, following his exit to start his own label, Flyboy Inc. It could be recalled that the dispute between the singer and his ex-record label deepened, Solicitors to Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe AKA Kiss Daniel said that “it is laughable and unbelievable that G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd will purportedly claim to own or have dashed Anidugbe his own middle name.

His solicitors L & A-Legal Consultants in a statement that was signed by Oluwaseyi Lawal (Esq) and titled ‘What G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd will not tell you’ said that the Federal High Court in Lagos did not stop Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe from using the stage name “Kiss Daniel” but rather refused G-Worldwide Entertainment Ltd the application to stop him from performing, recording or using the stage name Kiss Daniel.

Kiss Daniel’s solicitors also claimed that Kiss Daniel was paid 30k and later 50k per month for about two years, despite performing at several shows and making millions of naira for G-Worldwide entertainment within the same period.

The statement read in part:

“Is G-worldwide Entertainment Limited a proper record label? Is it a proper limited liability company? Or is it merely a one-man show without corporate structure, office and supporting staff? Can anybody name the A & R officer of G-worldwide Entertainment Limited?”

“Contract or Slavery? This is the same label that forced Kiss Daniel to perform few days after his father’s death and while still in the village trying to give his father a befitting burial. They put money first. They insisted he must interrupt his father burial rites and must perform or they will crush him in the industry.

This is the same Label that was paying Kiss Daniel only 30k and later 50k per month for about two years despite Kiss Daniel’s performing at several shows and making millions of naira for the label within the same period! Yet, Kiss Daniel never create any noise or scandal.”

 “The so-called record label did not pay a penny (kobo) towards the recording of all songs in the alleged album, “Evolution”! The songs in the alleged album include already released hits like “sofa”, “Yeba” and several others”.


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